6. Maintain a Healthy Weight


It’s an unpleasant fact—if you’re overweight, you’re at a higher risk for cancer. According to the American Cancer Society, obesity accounts for 14 percent of cancer deaths in men and 20 percent of cancer deaths in women! Exercising regularly can help you maintain a healthy weight. So can eating proper portions of healthy food, like the foods found in the Mediterranean diet. Losing weight isn’t easy, but the rewards include a decreased risk of endometrial cancer, breast cancer, and ovarian cancer, so it’s well worth the effort.

5. Avoid Sweets and Processed Foods


Everyone knows processed food is not as good as whole foods. However, not many people know that too much junk food and processed sugar can lead to a buildup of fat on your liver. Even if this doesn’t lead to liver cancer, it can still lead to cirrhosis—even if you don’t drink. You don’t have to give up sweets entirely, but “clean eating” can really lower your risk of getting cancer. Save sweets and junk food for special occasions, like birthdays and holidays.

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4. Reduce Stress


Stress can hurt you. It taxes your body and drains your immune system, which needs to be operating at peak performance to detect and destroy cancer cells. Learn how to reduce the stress in your life by practicing relaxation techniques. While meditation is the first thing most people might consider, massages can also reduce stress. You can also reduce stress by learning to let go of situations beyond your control. While there will always be times where you should be upset or angry, learn to recognize when being stressed won’t help and do your best to accept the situation.


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