We all know the benefits of a healthy diet, daily exercise, and good hygiene for our health. We have been told to avoid smoking, protect ourselves from the harmful rays of the sun, and get plenty of sleep. These are great tips for prolonging our lives and enjoying old age. Yet one perhaps equally important ingredient for longevity and healthy living is often overlooked. And that is the benefit of fulfilling and long-lasting relationships. Read on to explore the benefits of friendship and meaningful relationships on health and a long life.

9. Social Connections and Good Health

Social Connections

The Harvard Study of Adult Development has been studying a group of men for the past 80 years, taking into account their medical information, home and work lives, mental status, and emotional well-being. Thus far, their research indicates that individuals who are emotionally and socially connected to loved ones live longer, more satisfying lives. Individuals who are unable to maintain a connection with loved ones tend to report less fulfillment and live shorter lives. Good relationships in loving, supportive atmospheres appear to not only lead to longer lives but also protect brain health and result in sharper, more agile minds.

8. A Happy Marriage Can Mean a Longer Life

Happy Marriage

A study in the Health Psychology journal indicates that couples in happy marriages have an increased life span. This study found that couples who were involved in supportive, satisfying relationships were at significantly less risk of dying. Happily married couples can encourage each other to eat right, exercise, and take care of their health. Having a supportive spouse as a sounding board when dealing with stress and aggravations can be another potential health benefit. Additionally, sharing burdens and household decisions can be another stress-relieving effect of maintaining a healthy marriage.


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