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Experts are predicting a surge in COVID-19 cases as the weather starts to turn cold. The increase is already starting to happen throughout many countries in Europe and medical experts are also foreseeing a surge in the United States. The increase in cases will more than likely send people scrambling to their grocery stores to start hoarding.

Grocery store hoarding is predicted to re-emerge this winter. Shortages might not be as extreme as they were in March and April, but you might want to consider stocking up on face masks, hand sanitizer, alcohol wipes, and other cleaners that have been shown to be effective against COVID-19.  

In the United States, many schools and colleges are now offering in-person classes. The flu season is also looming. Sadly, experts are predicting a disastrous season with many falling ill with the flu and others with COVID-19, not to mention the many other colds and viruses that typically occur during the seasonal change.  

The possibility of innumerable illnesses will force the most vulnerable to start to hoard to avoid going out and potentially exposing themselves. Sadly, when people nationwide hoard, shortages occur and store supplies start to plummet. Are stores ready for a second rush on grocery hoarding? Things are not looking good.  

Things like household cleaners, paper products, bleach, hand sanitizer, face masks, medical supplies, aspirin, alcohol, hydrogen peroxide, and other items are sure to start to disappear from store shelves and become difficult, if not impossible, to obtain online.  

5. Stock Up on Essentials 

Milk In Store

Will things get as bad as they were in March and April? This is a hard question to answer. As infection rates increase and the deaths climb nationwide, people will start to panic, which means a rush to the local store. Ideally, you should not go crazy, but instead, try to only by a couple of weeks’ worth of food and supplies. You might want to stock up on certain essentials now in preparation for the future.  

4. Masks

Face Mask 4

Face masks are the number one way that you can not only protect yourself but also others from COVID-19. The most effective face masks are KN95s and N95s. The masks can halt 99.2 percent of small airborne particles such as the virus. Typically, they are sold in packs of 10 or greater.  

Each mask is designed to wear one time. It is hard to figure out how many you will need to try to buy in bulk. Also, buying the masks in bulk help you save money.   

KN95 masks are cheaper than N95s, but the only difference is where they are made. N95s are produced in America and KN95s are manufactured overseas. If you want to focus on buying American-made face masks, then you will want to order only N95s. Typically, the N95s will sell out first so you will want to stock up. 

3. Hand Sanitizer 

Hand Sanitzer (2)

In March and April, hand sanitizer was like gold. On eBay, bottles were selling for hundreds of dollars as people started to hoard. However, the supply has gotten better, and you can find hand sanitizer online and at brick and mortar stores. 

Now you can buy bulk supplies of hand sanitizer like healthcare and hospitals. Usually, buying in bulk is more affordable, so it is an innovative idea to save your pennies and start stocking up now. 

When searching for hand sanitizer, remember that to effectively kill not only COVID-19 but also influenza the formula should have at least 60 percent alcohol.  

You’ll also want to consider buying hand sanitizing soap to wash your hands often. Although during the first hoarding surge soap was depleted, you could still find it. Hopefully the soap situation will not spiral out of control this winter. Whether you use liquid soap or bars, you’ll want to have at least a month’s supply on hand.  

2. Household Cleaners 

Many people hoarded massive amounts of household cleaners in March and April. Store shelves were bare for months. In fact, even now the shelves are empty of many brands and they continue to be difficult if not impossible to obtain.   

If you want to plan for the winter season and the second hoarding surge, then you’ll need to stock up on common household cleaners before they again start to fly off the shelves. The most popular and favorite cleaners have bleach or hydrogen peroxide because both can effectively kill COVID-19 on contact.   

When shopping for cleaners, remember to buy plain bleach for your laundry and other household projects. Jugs of bleach are immensely popular because they can be cut with water to make an effective cleaner for a variety of in-home uses.  

1. Paper Products  

Toilet Paper Shortage (3)

The most sought-after item during the pandemic has been toilet paper. Paper product supplies might again dip as the pandemic roars back to life. You’ll want to purchase toilet paper and paper towels, but you won’t need a year’s supply. Planning and buying only two weeks’ worth of paper products is typically enough for most people.  

You can order either online or visit stores to buy the necessities. However, some stores are still limiting the number that you can purchase.  



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