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If you haven’t heard the debate or seen the polls, you may not realize there is a controversy brewing. No, it’s not about politics, religion, or which way to hang the toilet paper. This debate is about how long it is appropriate to go before donning a fresh pair of underwear. It appears that men and women may have decidedly different opinions on this matter, according to more than one poll. Read on for details about this dispute and learn when it is best to toss those boxers into the washing machine, as well as other little-pondered laundry questions.

9. How Often Do You Need Fresh Undies?

Fresh Undies

Companies such as Mintel, Marks & Spencer, and Clorox have conducted underwear polls in recent years. All find that men are less likely than women to change their underwear each day. Some men wear their undies for as many as three days in a row. Is this a problem? It may depend on the person. A man’s level of physical activity, propensity to sweat, and proper toilet hygiene may be the ultimate deciding factor. For some, it is a good idea to exchange those boxers for a fresh pair each morning, and again after a hard day of physical labor. Others may find it’s just fine to give them a sniff and pull them on for another day.

8. What About Those Jeans?


Jeans are another item of clothing where questions arise as to how often they should be laundered. Some individuals don’t feel fresh unless they wash their denims after each wearing. Others prefer to wear their jeans multiple times before tossing them into the washer. Believe it or not, some people never wash their jeans. Chip Bergh, CEO of Levi Strauss, states that his jeans never see the inside of a washing machine. To avoid water wastage as well as preventing the fading of jeans, Bergh recommends spot cleaning stains. When jeans get really dirty, he washes them by hand and hangs them up to dry.


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