Enjoy A Buffet

Who doesn’t love a delicious buffet with all of its tantalizing options: mashed potatoes and other comfort foods, an array of savory meats, sweet desserts, and even crispy salads. A trip to a buffet restaurant comes with seemingly limitless choices, all for one low price. Here are some hints for enjoying your trip to the buffet without uncomfortably overeating, or worse yet, getting food poisoning.

19. Choose a Busy Restaurant

Busy Restaurant

When choosing a buffet restaurant, you may be tempted to choose one with a shorter line. After all, who wants to fight the crowds at the steam table? But while an empty restaurant means shorter lines, it also means that the food sits out longer. Choose a restaurant that has enough patrons present to keep the food refreshed at a good pace.

18. Go in a Good Mood

Good Mood

If you want to enjoy your meal without making food choices you will later regret, don’t head to the buffet while you are feeling blue. We are more likely to overeat and make food choices that leave us feeling overstuffed and bloated if we eat while we are upset. Listen to some happy tunes on your drive over and bring along your favorite companions to make your meal truly enjoyable.

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