17. Don’t Starve Yourself First

Starve Yourself First

It may seem like you should wait until you are good and hungry before visiting the buffet restaurant, but don’t go feeling starved. When you get to the buffet, you want to be sure you are able to enjoy the foods you really love, not just stuff your face with the first foods you see. So, have a light, protein-packed snack three hours before you head out to the buffet. This will ensure you truly enjoy the delights the buffet has to offer.

16. Know Which Foods You Desire

Foods You Desire

Before you head out to the restaurant, think about which food options you are in the mood for. Most buffets tend to have options such as Italian, Chinese, and roasted meats. You can also expect to find fried chicken, macaroni and cheese, and flaky biscuits. Have your entrée choice in mind so you are not pulled astray by the myriad of options that first meet your gaze. While it is perfectly okay to try something you hadn’t thought of, don’t fill up on items just because they are in front of you.

15. Cruise Before You Choose

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When you first enter the buffet line, walk from buffet to buffet to see what is offered before you even pick up a plate. It is easy to load up your plate at the first table, and then find you don’t have room when you run across a delectable at a later table. First, make the rounds of all the choices and narrow down your top picks. Then go back to fill your plate with your favorite choices.

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