5. Consider Bringing Hand Sanitizer

Hand Sanitizer

There’s no denying that there are plenty of opportunities for germs to attack food that sits out on a buffet table. Tongs and serving spoons must be exchanged for clean ones on a regular basis. However, the truth is that many people have the opportunity to handle them, which means many opportunities for germs to alight. It may be wise to bring along hand sanitizer to use at the table before digging in.

4. Keep Your Back to the Buffet

Back To The Buffet

If seeing a dizzying array of delectable foods entices you to rush through your own meal, you may want to sit with your back to the buffet. Find a seat away from the buffet so you can concentrate on enjoying the meal you have in front of you. That way, you can determine if you really want to go back for seconds, rather than just responding to the call of the foods on display.

3. Savor Each Bite


Don’t hurry through your meal. Relax, enjoy good company, and savor every bite of food. If you are hurrying to get back to the buffet, you may not enjoy what you already have. Instead, enjoy each texture and taste. When you have leisurely finished your meal, then you can decide which items you like best and which ones might be worth a second trip.

2. Digest Before Returning for Seconds


In addition to savoring every mouthful, take time to digest after you have finished your meal. The buffet isn’t going anywhere! It can take 20 minutes for our bodies to recognize we are full. Give your body time to digest and enjoy your first helpings, then decide if you really need seconds. You may just decide you’ve already had exactly what you need.

1. Be Sure to Tip the Staff

Tip The Staff
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It may seem silly to tip the restaurant staff when you have been serving yourself. But if you stop to notice, the staff keeps busy at buffet restaurants as well. Waitstaff clear away used dishes, replenish the buffet with fresh servings, and keep plates and utensils stocked. In some restaurants, they refill your beverages as well. Be sure to remember these hard workers with a well-earned tip.

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