4. Give Your Toes Some Freedom


The idea of sleeping in the nude may make you feel uncomfortable. Furthermore, you may not have the spare cash to spend on cooling bedclothes. If so, you might find letting your feet out of the covers provides just enough relief to keep you cool at night.

3. Use a Fan

Ceiling Fan

Installing a ceiling fan can do wonders for cooling you off. Energy Vanguard points out that while ceiling fans do not cool rooms, they are effective for cooling people. A ceiling fan will cool you off by evaporating sweat from your skin. Using a box fan, window fan, or oscillating fan can also help move the air and provide relief. Bedjet is a climate control system that uses air to keep your bed cool or warm. If your bed partner is frequently cold while you are hot, you can purchase a dual zone model that keeps both of you happy.

2. Utilize Shades or Blinds

Utilize Shades

Take advantage of your window shades or blinds to keep your bedroom at the lowest possible temperature. Networx suggests that blackout curtains can keep your bedroom cooler by reducing heat transfer through your windows by as much as 24 percent. Blackout curtains can also promote better sleep by blocking out excess light. In the cooler evening hours, opening your windows may also help bring cooler air into your sleeping space.


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