5. Making Stocks and Broths

Stocks And Broths

Use your Instant Pot to make chicken stock, beef stock, and even bone broth. Cook up batches of broths or stocks to use in future recipes and avoid the extra salt and additives found in store-bought broths. Click here to check out Bon Appetit’s recipe for Instant Pot Vegetable Stock.

4. Making Wine

Making Wine

You already know you can use your Instant Pot to sear a steak, steam some veggies, and bake a cheesecake. It only makes sense that you can also use your Instant Pot to make some wine to round out your meal. David Murphy shares his recipe for Instant Pot Wine at foodnservice.com. Murphy works his magic with just grape juice, sugar, a funnel, red wine yeast, clear tape, an Instant Pot, and patience.

3. Popping Popcorn

Popping Popcorn

Pop up some hot, buttery popcorn in your Instant Pot using the saute feature, coconut oil, and butter. Melt the butter and coconut oil using the saute button adjusted to hot. Add popcorn kernels and cover with the glass lid. In about five minutes, the kernels should stop popping and you can remove the lid to enjoy your snack.



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