2. Make Rotisserie-Style Chicken at Home

Rotisserie Style Chicken

Your Instant Pot can help you cook up a chicken reminiscent of those mouth-watering rotisserie chickens available at the local grocery store. A 2 ½ pound chicken, one lemon, olive oil, seasonings, and chicken broth combine to make a juicy Instant Pot Lemon Rotisserie Chicken from Allrecipes.com. Instant Pot provides a recipe for a “Faux-tisserie Roasted Chicken Dinner” on their website.

1. Get the Recipe App

Recipe App

The folks at Instant Pot are so dedicated to making sure you get the most out of your appliance that they are always looking for ways to make it easier. Be sure to check out their free recipe app containing more than 850 recipes to try. Log on to their website for more recipes and links to approved Instant Pot cookbooks for more tips on using this versatile appliance.



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