Sometimes it can seem like mosquitoes are biting you more often than everyone else. The truth is you could be right. Mosquitoes actually do find certain people more attractive as a snack than others.

Why? Many factors, from your smell to your blood type, could be contributing to your popularity with these blood-craving insects.

9. They Love Your Sweat

Heat And Sweat

More accurately, mosquitoes love the lactic acid in your sweat produced while exercising. If you’re someone whose body makes a lot of lactic acid, mosquitoes will be more attracted to you.

What is lactic acid? It’s an acid your body makes in your muscles as a result of breaking down glucose for oxygen during exercise. Lactic acid releases through the skin in your sweat.

If you often engage in strenuous exercise, you’re likely a bigger target for hungry mosquitoes than people who don’t exercise as often or as intensely.

8. They Love Your Post-Workout Scent

7 minute workout

Not only does your workout sweat lure mosquitoes to your skin, but the lingering post-workout bacteria has a scent they love too. All the more reason to shower and change clothes after exercising, and before going outside.

Bacteria is the source of sweat’s unique scent. The smell of that bacteria — unpleasant to humans, but exciting to mosquitoes — indicates that some tasty blood is likely nearby.

For extra bacteria-killing power when washing workout clothes, try adding a cup of white vinegar along with your laundry detergent.


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