7. They Love That You Love Bananas

Speaking of loving your scent, mosquitoes can also zero in on your body more than others because of certain foods you eat, particularly if the foods you eat are high in potassium and salt. These minerals give off a scent through your skin that mosquitoes adore.

Do you eat lots of bananas, avocados, dried fruits, beans and other foods high in potassium? To avoid an onslaught of mosquito love, you might consider staying indoors for a while after eating them.

Same goes if you eat a lot of salty foods, like cured meats and salted nuts. Or just assume you’re going to need more mosquito repellent than those who ate a low-salt salad instead.

6. They Love You More When You Burn Energy


Your metabolic rate can have a lot to do with how much mosquitoes are attracted to you. The level of your metabolic rate is determined by the amount of carbon dioxide you release while burning energy. You guessed it — mosquitoes love the smell of carbon dioxide, too.

The more carbon dioxide your body releases, the more mosquitoes are going to want to nuzzle up to you. That’s why if you burn a lot of energy throughout the day, you could automatically be a bigger mosquito target.

5. They Love Your Blood Type

Blood Type

We’ve got some bad news for people with type O blood. It seems mosquitoes love you twice as much as people with type A blood.

According to a 2004 study in the Journal of Medical Entomology, people with type O blood attract mosquitoes up to 83% more often than those with other blood types.

It’s not yet clear why, but it’s a concern all the same. If you have type O blood, you probably need to wear more protection against mosquito bites on a regular basis.

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