Pepper Shakers

With so much to fear in life, who would suspect that the unassuming-looking pepper shaker sitting on every restaurant table is a haven for germs? The fact is that the pepper shaker, along with the salt shaker, Parmesan cheese dispenser, and napkin holder, may be laden with germs. It can be so much a part of the backdrop of the table that it can cease to register with restaurant patrons and workers alike. Here are several reasons you may want to skip peppering your food in a restaurant.

6. Sticky Fingers

Sticky Fingers

Germs love to adhere to sticky surfaces. And what could be stickier than the very condiment containers hungry patrons use to season their food mid-meal? Additionally, the containers on the tables may also provide a distraction for small toddlers while their parents try to enjoy a quiet meal away from home. Just the thought of a drooling toddler playing with the shakers should be enough to keep you from grabbing that pepper bottle, or at the very least, first giving it a swipe with antiseptic from your purse or pocket.

5. Busy Busboys

Busy Busboys

While all restaurants have cleanliness guidelines and do their best to keep the tables presentable and sanitary for their patrons, they are often pressured to turn tables around quickly between guests. Busy busboys do their best to give the table a quick swipe with a cloth to remove any food particles, water puddles, and obvious messes. But a busy restaurant at dinner hour may leave personnel unable to spend any time on deep cleaning. Often, waitstaff use dishcloths they keep in their pockets or attached to their belts. And that is just the tabletops; they may not find the time to give the condiments even a cursory swipe.


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