If your partner stops wanting sex, then you might get concerned. What is the cause of their lackluster passion? In this article, we will explore the main reasons why your partner might not want sex.

10. Financial Problems

Financial Stress

Money problems put a significant strain on any relationship and are one of the leading causes of divorce. Financial issues cause serious divides and can quickly shatter any relationship. Crystal Hollenbeck, an licensed mental health counselor in Orlando, Florida, states, “The results of unaddressed financial stressors in a relationship can cause negative feelings towards your partner, fear and anxiety, broken trust, depression symptoms and a lack of sexual desire. Combining finances, creating a budget, and agreeing as a couple on financial goals will increase the sense of closeness, trust, and security within the relationship.”

9. Distractions Lead to Distance

Couple On Phones

Cell phones are a major cause of distraction in today’s society. Next time you go to a restaurant, look around at the other diners and you will be surprised how many are sitting there with a phone in their hands and not interacting with the other guests at their table.

Celeste Holbrook, a sexual health consultant located in Fort Worth, Texas, states, “If your answer is your phone or tablet and not your partner, it’s time to make some changes. Plug your phone in the kitchen and (gasp) get a regular alarm clock—even an extra 10 minutes connecting with your partner sans electronic devices can give you a great boost in your sex life and relationship.”


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