Carry Germs

Regular hand washing is important for preventing the spread of germs that can cause colds, flu, and other infections. We all know to wash our hands before eating, following a sneeze, and after using the restroom. However, there are several everyday items that can carry germs, and it is helpful to remember to wash your hands after touching these items. To stay healthy and decrease your risk of coming down with an illness, wash your hands after touching these common objects.

11. Grocery Cart Handles

Grocery Cart Handles

The handles you grasp to push your grocery cart through the market are touched by many people each day. They are exposed to germs carried by people after handling fresh produce and packages of raw meat. Your cart may have been pushed down the aisles by someone after using the restroom, when suffering from a cold or flu, or while sneezing. Many stores provide sanitizing wipes near the cart corral at the front of the store. Give your cart handle a wipedown before use, and remember to wash your hands following a trip to the grocery store.

10. Door Handles and Elevator Buttons

Door Handles

Door knobs, door handles, and elevator buttons are high-touch items used by many people over the course of a day. This makes them susceptible to receiving germs carried on the hands of those who use them. Wash your hands after navigating office buildings, hospitals, or shopping centers. These are places where you are touching door handles and handrails used by a large number of people. The Journal of Infectious Diseases reports that flu viruses can last for 24-48 hours on materials such as plastic or stainless steel and be transferred to your hands.


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