You might say it’s gross or unclean to sleep naked, but that is a myth. It is healthier, better for sleep, and promotes both vaginal health and sperm health.

One poll found that 58% of people preferred to sleep in the nude, with more men than women preferring the “commando” style for sleeping.

Underwear does provide protection and is hygienic, helping to wick moisture and sweat if you sweat a lot when you sleep. Or you can wear your pajamas without undies.

Others like the free feeling they get with nothing binding them at all. So really, its all about your comfort level, which is your preference.

6. Underwear Traps Moisture


Doctors believe that if underwear is too tight or made from synthetic fibers, it can trap moisture and encourage the growth of bacteria or yeast. This could be the cause of urinary tract infections, vaginal infections, and yeast or Candida growth. You might consider choosing a healthier fiber for your undergarments.

5. The Health of the Female and Male Organs


Sleeping naked is good for women, helping to dry the moisture of the vagina. Recent studies show that tight-fitting underwear on men lowers sperm counts, so no undies is better. It also helps to keep the testicles cooler for better sperm health. Fewer undies improve the circulation around vital sex organs.


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