5. Clean the Can Opener

Can Opener

Manual can openers start to get clogged with dirt and grime and no longer function correctly. You can run wax paper through it to remove the dirty buildup and help lube the gears so the can opener functions easier.

4. Zipper Cleaner

Stuck Zipper

Does your zipper keep snagging? Grab a small piece of wax paper and rub it along the teeth of the zipper. It will no longer snag, and you don’t have to worry about damage. This can be done on jeans, coats, and purses with ease.

3. Stop the Drafts

Open Window

If your window is drafty, then you might want to determine where the air is coming in around the window frame. Take a piece of wax paper and wad it into a roll. Use the wax paper to plug the hole and stop the draft. In addition, the wax paper effectively combats precipitation. You’ll automatically start feeling warmer on a cold winter’s day.

2. Remove Water Spots

The Faucet

Some sinks and tub faucets start to show spotting from water. The unpleasant appearance is difficult to overcome. However, wax paper not only cleans away the wax spots but also prevents new ones from forming. Just rub the wax across the surface of the faucet and handles to remove water spots and prevent them. It can keep spotting at bay for several weeks.

1. Prevent Refrigerator Spills

Refrigerate Overnight

Your fridge is at the mercy of spills. The shelves can become sticky and messy. However, you can line the shelves with wax paper to protect them and for easy cleaning. When the paper becomes dirty, simply lift it away and apply fresh paper. The wax paper is especially useful at preventing rings from jars that often develop on the surface of shelves.

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