Deter Ants

Are you resisting calling an exterminator even when ants show up in your home year after year? You’re not alone. Most of us would rather avoid extermination fees and toxic chemicals. Before you make that call, it might be time to try some DIY ant traps that pest experts recommend.

Where there’s one ant in your house, there are likely countless more about to surface. If you’re killing only the ants you see, you’re nowhere near done with these pesky critters. Their colony is probably very large and hidden far from reach. These easy home remedies are not only made to kill the ants, but also draw them out of hiding with bait they love.

10. How Do You Locate an Ant Colony Nest?

Ant Colony

The pest experts at Do-It-Yourself Pest Control state that one reason it’s hard to get rid of ants is because you haven’t located their nest. It’s important to find out, when possible, if their nest is hidden inside your home or if they actually live outside. The way to do that DIY-style is to grab a magnifying glass and start looking for ant trails.

Ants leave a trail of chemical pheromones wherever they go, according to the Do-It-Yourself Pest Control team. Pay attention to where the ants you’re seeing travel in your home. Then try to follow their trails with the magnifying glass to know at least the general location of where their nest might be.

9. Does It Matter What Kind of Ants They Are?

Ants Inside

The DIY ant traps we’re about to describe are generally beneficial for eliminating ant infestations. However, different ant species might require different approaches. For example, carpenter ants usually come out at night. If you want to follow their pheromone trails, you’ll need to stay up after dark.

It’s also important to know whether you’re dealing with ants or termites. The Do-It-Yourself Pest Control experts say flying ants and termites look quite a bit alike. Two easy differences to spot are that ants have segmented waists and bent antennas, whereas termites do not.


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