8. Boric Acid Ant Trap

Boric Acid

Bulwark Exterminating recommends a DIY ant trap made with boric acid. Note that boric acid is a poison and should be handled with care. People with small children and pets should avoid using boric acid, and try the baking soda version or other non-toxic trap instead.

Mix one part boric acid with three parts bait food, like sugar water or honey. Butter and bacon grease also work well. Carefully place the boric acid mixture in a small container on the floor near a point of entry. Slowly over a handful of days more and more ants will die from this trap.

7. Baking Soda Ant Trap

Baking Soda

For a non-toxic DIY ant trap, add baking soda (sodium bicarbonate) to enough sugar water to make the mixture a liquid. Powdered sugar is recommended for easy dissolving. Add the mixture to a small dish near entry points and see what happens. Supposedly it works nearly as well as the boric acid mixture. Again, it will take several days or more for the ant colony to dwindle from feeding at the trap, but the baking soda should help stop them in their tracks.

6. Cornmeal Ant Trap


A cornmeal paste made with cornmeal and sugar water might also be helpful as a DIY ant trap. There’s some debate from the pest experts as to how effective this mixture is in killing ants, but it might be worth a shot if you’ve got cornmeal on hand. Mature ants prefer liquid food, so you might set some traps with cornmeal paste and some that are watery. This would allow for some worker ants to carry the paste mixture back to their queen in the hidden nest. If this trap isn’t proving powerful enough, you could add boric acid or baking soda to the mix.


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