2. Remember, It’s All About the Queen

Ant Queen

Vinegar, lemon or dish soap sprays are all great and safe options for killing worker ants, but if you don’t get the queen you haven’t eliminated the colony. Rarely will you be able to find where the ants are hiding their queen to kill her yourself, so you’ve got to get the worker ants to do it. Providing them with ant traps that allow them to take poisonous food (like the cornmeal, butter or bacon fat) back to the queen will help wipe out the colony more quickly, and hopefully for good.

1. Ant Infestation Prevention

Ant Infestation

Once you eliminate the ants, you’ll want to do some work to help prevent another colony from moving in. As Do-It-Yourself Pest Control reminds us, it’s very difficult to seal up every possible entry point, but you can improve your chances of fewer ant visitors in the coming months.

Clean entry points well, then caulk and seal them. Fix and repair any pipe leaks that could be attracting carpenter ants, and clear your property of any rotting wood. If after all that work you’re still getting troubling ant infestations, it’s probably time to call the exterminator for some professional support.


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