Triclosan Side Effects


By using products containing triclosan, it is quite easy to absorb a small amount through your skin or mouth. Triclosan’s side effects are similar to its dangers. Side effects for triclosan toothpaste and other triclosan products are endocrine-based, as well as epidermal. Triclosan is lipophilic, which stores in fat cells in the body, and can be present in breast milk, urine, and blood.

While triclosan is also known to destroy good bacteria and T-helper cells, bad bacteria’s long-term exposure to the chemical has allowed germs to adapt, resulting in the growth of superbugs that have become resistant to the chemical and have caused an epidemic.

Research from the University of California at Davis found that triclosan weakened the normal mechanism of muscle fibers in fish and mice. Both skeletal and cardiac muscles were unable to operate normally. Mice showed a 25 percent reduction in heart function within 20 minutes of exposure to triclosan.

These findings should serve as a warning to all consumers of the dangers triclosan can cause. Always remember that many known toxic chemicals that affect humans today were first exposed to animals during studies.

Be Observant


Be observant of the products you purchase and what chemicals are in them. Doing some research might help if you are unsure of the names on the labels of many of your favorite products. Ultimately, aiming for a triclosan-free lifestyle is best, as the effects of this dangerous chemical on the human body and the environment can be critical.

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