These Are America's Richest Towns

Have you ever wondered where the top celebrities, tech entrepreneurs, and other wealthy Americans live?  They live in America’s richest towns, of course!  Keep reading to find out which are the most affluent towns in the United States.

20. McLean, Virginia (Median Income: $283,992)

Mclean, Virginia

Many politicians commute from Washington, D.C. to their expensive homes in McLean, Virginia. This town is known to be very wealthy and powerful. McLean has been home to former Secretary of State Colin Power, former Vice President Dick Cheney, Ethel Kennedy, as well as the CIA base of operations.

19. Riverside, Connecticut (Median Income: $290,904)

Riverside, Connecticut

Riverside has many beautiful, expensive homes, some of which are listed for more than $16 million. Can you imagine living in a home with nine bedrooms and 12 bathrooms? No wonder the homes are so expensive! Famous Riverside residents include actress Kathie Lee Gifford, former NFL player Tiki Barber, and former NHL player Marc Staal.


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