Most of us have been using the restroom since around the age of two. It is probably something you give little thought to, until those uncomfortable moments when you find yourself in desperate need of a bathroom at an inopportune time. While you may consider yourself something of an expert on restroom usage, you may want to take the time to think about your daily routines and see if any of these tips could be helpful to you.

12. Avoid Straining

Avoid Straining

If you find yourself straining and pushing to evacuate your bowels, then try other measures for softening your stools. You should be able to empty your bowels without putting undue strain or pressure on the veins in your rectal area. To avoid causing hemorrhoids and painful anal cracks and fissures, make sure to keep yourself hydrated with plenty of water. Enjoy a variety of fiber in your diet through fiber-rich fruits and vegetables and healthy whole grains. Engage in physical exercise such as walking, jogging, or swimming to increase the strength of your intestinal muscles as well as your more visible muscles.

11. Be Aware of Changes in Urine

Changes In Urine

Urine color, odor, and quantity can signal whole-body health and the risk for diseases. If your urine output decreases, you may be dehydrated and need to increase your water intake. If your urine is cloudy or dark in color, it may be alerting you to a urinary tract infection. Urine that smells sweet or has a fruity odor can be a sign of diabetes. If you notice your urine is foamy or fizzy, you may have too much protein in your urine. Urine that is high in protein may be an indication of decreased kidney function.


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