Drinking Alcohol

In the United States, about 19% of adults report regular consumption of unhealthy amounts of alcohol. Some states have excessive numbers of drinking rates.

Excessive drinking is considered to be eight or more drinks per week for women and 15 or more drinks for men. Or binge drinking, like on college campuses, which can increase numbers for some states.

Our data is from the National Institute of Alcohol Abuse, and Alcoholism, which calculates the number of gallons of ethanol consumed per state, per capita, or 100,000 residents over the age of 14. Ethanol drinking can include, wine, beer, and spirits.

In the ranking of the drunkest states in the US, they used data from the US Census Bureau regarding four statistics: total alcohol consumption, number of DUI arrests, number of bars, and the number of craft breweries per state.

Ranked from the least drunk to the worst, of the top 20 states, all our numbers are per capita, except total consumption which is in gallons.

The Top 20 Drunkest States in America

Avoid Alcohol

20. Washington: The Evergreen State, Washington, has a drunk score of 31.5 and they have 12.5 bars and 5.6 breweries. DUI arrests are 337 but total consumption is 2.22 gallons.

19. Pennsylvania: The Keystone State, Pennsylvania, has a slightly above average number of bars and craft breweries. They have a drunk score of 36.8, 18.7 bars, 352 DUI arrests, 3.1 breweries, and a total consumption of 2.34.

18. Rhode Island: The state of Rhode Island is small but has the same average data on bars and breweries; however, it is very low in DUI arrests. Their drunk score is 36.9, with 21.9 bars, 168 DUI arrests, 3.1 breweries, and a total consumption of 2.63.

17. Delaware: The number of total alcohol consumption is high, 3.52, in Delaware, but very low in every other data number. That is, they have a drunk score of 37.11, 7.3 bars, only 35.9 DUI arrests, and 2.8 breweries.

16. Hawaii: Hawaii is the Aloha state and has a large number, 420, of DUI arrests. It has a drunk score of 40.35, 13.2 bars, 1.6 breweries, and total consumption of 2.66.

15. Minnesota: Minnesota has a drunk score of 43.5 and has average numbers for all other data in comparison with the above states. It has 16.0 bars, 341 DUI arrests, 3.5 breweries, and a total consumption of 2.79.

14. Iowa: The state of Iowa has a high number of bars, 28.5, which is close to the top 5 states. Its other numbers are average; 320 DUI arrests, 3.3 breweries, and a total consumption of 2.39. It has a drunk score of 44.2.

13. Idaho: The state of Idaho has an average of 4.1 craft breweries, 19.3 bars, 311 DUI arrests, and a total consumption of 2.94. Its drunk score is 48.4.

12. Oregon: Oregon, with a drunk score of 49.0, has a higher number of craft breweries per capita than many states. It has a drunk score of 49.0, with 20.5 bars, 317 DUI arrests, 7.4 breweries, and a total consumption of 2.74.

11. Maine: Maine is the second highest in craft breweries of all states at 9.9, and has a high number of DUI arrests at 435, along with 9.5 bars. Its total consumption is 2.85 and it has a drunk score of 50.3.

10. Colorado: Colorful Colorado has many craft breweries at 7.4, increased DUI arrests of 415, and 13.4 bars. The total consumption is 2.88, and it has a drunk score of 50.5.

9. Alaska: Alaska, one of the coldest states, has a high number of bars, 19.8, and a little above average, 421, in DUI arrests. The number of breweries is 6.1 and total consumption is 2.85. Its drunk score is 53.8.

8. Nevada: The Silver State, which includes Las Vegas, has 22.2 bars. It does have an above-average number for total consumption of alcohol at 3.42. Breweries are only 1.5, and DUI arrests are 312. The drunk score is 57.4.

7. Vermont: The Green Mountain State, Vermont, has a ton of craft breweries, 10.8 to be exact. Its drunk score is 58.4. The number of bars is at 15.8 and DUI arrests are at 392, with a total consumption of 3.06.

6. Wyoming: The state of Wyoming has many bars, 28.0, but is the second highest in the number of DUI arrests at 563. It has 7.1 breweries, a low total consumption of 2.78, and a drunk score of 60.0.

5. Wisconsin: This may be surprising, but Wisconsin has the highest number of bars, 47 per capita, and an above-average 405 DUI score. Craft breweries are at 3.5, and it has a high total consumption of 2.93. Its drunk score is 73.3.

4. New Hampshire: The Live Free or Die state of New Hampshire has a good number of craft breweries at 6.7, but has the highest number of total consumptions at 467 in spite of a very low number of bars at 1.7. Its DUI arrests are 355 and its drunk score is 73.5.

3. South Dakota: The state of South Dakota has a high number of bars, 36.5, but beats every other state in a number of DUI arrests at 929! The number of breweries is 3.7, its total consumption is 2.37, and the state’s drunk score is 77.1.

2. Montana: Montana has a good number of 8.6 in craft breweries, but rates the second highest in a number of bars, 50.0 per capita. It also has a high number of total consumptions at 3.10, DUI arrests at 409, and a drunk score of 84.3.

1. North Dakota: North Dakota has the highest number of bars, 52.2, and is the second highest in DUI arrests at 833 per capita. Even though their total alcohol consumption of 3.16 is average compared to other states, residents seem to get arrested a lot more for driving under the influence, maybe because they have so many more bars. Craft breweries are only at 2.9 but the drunk score is 99.9!

More on Alcohol Statistics

Drinking Alcohol

Alcohol is enjoyed by millions of Americans, most of whom consume it responsibly.

You can find many of these statistics listed under other categories, such as the most wine, beer, or spirits per state. Some take into account the social aspects of drinking, or the negative effects of drinking too much, like binge drinking on college campuses, by using the American Addiction Center’s analysis. Depending on the categories you will find these states listed in a different order.

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