Memory Boosters

Remember how years ago in school we had to memorize by using flashcards to study for our exams? When you have a better memory, you can be a better student, or maintain your competitive spirit at work or stay mentally sharp as you get older.

It’s now known that “losing your mind” or memory can be slowed or stopped; it is not just an age thing! Your brain can actually grow new cells, no matter your age, if you provide it with the memory boosters it needs. This is called neuroplasticity of the brain, a constantly changing ability of the brain to stay smart and healthy. As the saying goes, once you stop learning, you start dying.

14. Improve Your Mental Abilities by Learning

Learning Languages

Learn a new language. You do not have to master it; even minimal knowledge helps keep your memory sharp. Games or hobbies where you learn a new skill, like chess, puzzles, or do-it-yourself projects keep your brain cells growing. Guess what, you may even find it fun!

13. Improve Your Lifestyle


According to recent research published in the journal Stem Cell Research, “the good news proves that we can keep making memories and boost health, no matter our age, especially if you embrace a healthier lifestyle”, said Zaldy Tan M.D. PhD, director of UCLA Alzheimer’s and Dementia Program.

This includes rethinking your habits like smoking, alcohol, or any other addictions. Or eating less processed foods, sitting less and moving more, and perhaps losing a few pounds.


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