9. The Good Fats Your Memory Needs

coconut oil

The good fats are saturated fats, which help the brain cells function better, including coconut oil. Sustainably sourced salmon is a good supply of omega-3 essential fatty acids, which helps stimulate the growth of brain cells. And walnuts are a good source of omega-3, fiber, and vitamin E to support brain health.

8. The Best Diet Plan: Mediterranean or MIND Diet


What you eat makes a difference for your memory and risk of cognitive decline and dementia. Using the Mediterranean and DASH diets, university researchers came up with the MIND diet plan.

These foods, the top suggestions for brain and memory boosters, include vegetables, berries, nuts, extra virgin olive oil, fish, meat-free meals, beans and lentils, and occasional wine.

7. Strength Training Improves Your Memory

Weight Lifting

New research shows that strength training outperforms aerobics for boosting your memory. It turns out that exercise is the “golden bullet”, using weight lifting, walking and muscle tone, in preventing cognitive impairment.

Seniors can remain sharp and hold on to their precious memories by even doing simple strength and weight lifting at home with dumbbells or cans. Or they can hire a trainer or simply go to the website eldergym.com for help.

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