6. Your Next Payment May Arrive Faster

Stimulus Checks

There’s something to be said for experience. The IRS learned a few things from the first round of stimulus checks. They’ll be more likely to deliver the money much more efficiently after it’s approved this time around. They’ve honed the process and have the right tools this time around.

5. The IRS May Still Owe You Money


If you’re still tapping your feet waiting for a check from the first round, you’re not alone. According to some estimates, 9 million people are still due checks from the first round of stimulus money. The deadline to hunt down your check is November 21, so hurry and find out if you’re owed some money. If you have dependents, the last round of stimulus money may have passed you over. If so, you can claim the money on next year’s taxes! 

4. The Next Round of Checks May Come in Waves

Stimulus Check

The government may distribute the next batch according to how people choose to receive their money. If you have direct deposit set up with the IRS, you may be receiving the next stimulus checks weeks before others. If you have an economic impact payment (EIP) debit card, the upcoming checks could also reach you earlier. People who opt to receive paper checks may receive their money later than everyone else. 


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