4. Washing Dishes

Washing Dishes

Washing dishes during a thunderstorm is a bad idea for the same reason that swimming is a bad idea. If lightning strikes while you are scrubbing your pans, you may end up with a nasty shock. When a thunderstorm hits, take a break from this chore and wait out the squall. If you are longing to clean, stick to sweeping wooden floors or making your bed. Better yet, relax and listen to the powerful sounds of nature. Of course, if the sound of thunder strikes terror in your heart, a good pair of earplugs may be a better choice.

3. Showering


If a thunderstorm strikes while you are enjoying a long, hot shower or relaxing bubble bath, it is advisable to pull the plug. Avoid risking electrocution and get yourself out of the shower spray or pool of water. If you know you will have to run out the door the moment it is safe, freshen up with face wipes and a spritz of body spray. Try a dry shampoo or tie your hair up in a cute scarf.

2. Exiting Your Car

Car Thunderstorm

If you are in your car when a thunderstorm strikes, stay in the vehicle until it is safe to exit. An enclosed, metal-topped car with the doors and windows closed will offer protection against lightning strikes. Accuweather reports that the metal exterior of the car will funnel electricity around the vehicle. Do be careful to avoid touching any metal parts inside the vehicle. The National Lightning Safety Institute recommends pulling safely to the side of the road, turning your engine off and hazard lights on, and waiting out the storm with your hands in your lap.



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