Weird Sleeping Habits of Successful People

Mariah Carey Basically Sleeps All Day

Mariah Carey

Mariah Carey is known to sleep for fifteen hours at a time frequently. She also has to sleep surrounded by humidifiers. Sleeping with a humidifier is due to her wanting to sleep in the best possible location for her voice to truly shine during her performances. Humidifiers are known to relax the throat and keep it going from going dry.

Winston Churchill Routinely Took A Nap

Winston Churchill

The former prime minister of Britain and World War 2 legend routinely took a two-hour nap every day after drinking a weak whiskey and soda. Churchill was known for working deep into the night, so it makes sense that he would need the extra energy. Power naps are a great way to refresh yourself in the middle of the day before going back to work.


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