Leonardo da Vinci Took Many Naps a Day

Leonardo da Vinci

Famed genius from the Renaissance era, Leonardo da Vinci took as many as six naps a day. Instead of following a normal sleep schedule, he would instead follow the Ubermann Sleep Schedule, which required him to take a 20-minute nap every four hours. This would give him more time to be awake and complete projects, though it is not sure if it affected him negatively or not.

Donald Trump Only Sleeps Three to Four Hours a Night

Donald Trump

It turns out that President Donald Trump only sleeps for three to four hours a night, which would explain his 3 AM tweeting sprees. It is said that this sleeping schedule is enough to get him going through the day and still have enough time and energy to accomplish many things throughout the day.

Michael Phelps Sleeps in a Special Bed Before He Competes

Weird Sleeping Habits of Successful People

Instead of simply leaving it up to chance and solely relying on his grueling practice schedule to win competitions, Michael Phelps also sleeps in a bed engineered to give him an extra boost. His bedroom inside a bedroom is engineered to be comparable to being at a high elevation and can increase the amount of oxygen in his red blood cells. This technique can prepare him to compete to the best of his ability even at high elevations.



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