Marissa Mayer Takes a Week Off Every Four Months

Marissa Mayer

The CEO of Yahoo is a workaholic, often clocking in 130 hours a week at work. Obviously, this doesn’t leave much time for sleep and too much sleep deprivation can be disastrous. To combat this, Marissa Mayer tries to catch up on her sleep by taking a week-long break every four months.

Charles Dickens Slept Facing North

Charles Dickens

19th-century author Charles Dickens suffered from insomnia, and could only sleep with special preparation. In order for Charles Dickens to fall asleep, he would travel with a compass and make sure that he was facing north. He also thought that this practice would help him be more creative in his works.

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Lyndon B. Johnson Would Split His Day Into Two

Lyndon B. Johnson

Former U.S. President Lyndon B. Johnson would split his days in half in order to get more work done. Being president is a long and hard job after all. Shortly after waking up at 6:30 am, Johnson would work hard until 2 PM and take a 30-minute nap before continuing with his work.



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