Nikola Tesla Never Slept for More than Two Consecutive Hours

Nikola Tesla

Much like Leonardo da Vinci, famed inventor Nikola Tesla followed the Ubermann Sleep Schedule. Nikola claimed to never sleep for more than two hours a day and was once recorded as working in his lab for 84 hours straight. He was forced into this schedule because it was hard for him to go to sleep once he had started a project.

Eminem Travels With Tinfoil


To fight jet lag and overall difficulty of falling asleep in different time zones, Eminem covers his hotel windows with tinfoil. The rapper is also known for using white noise to fall asleep to aid in his efforts.

Napoleon Bonaparte Could Fall Asleep Anywhere

Napoleon Bonaparte

During wartime, Napoleon was required to run around from point to point to command and give orders effectively. Due to him always being on call and rarely sleeping, he would often have to find sleep wherever he could, usually falling asleep to the sound of gunfire and cannons. When the battles would finally end, he would sleep for eighteen hours to catch up on the sleep he lost.

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