Weird Sleeping Habits of Successful People

Mariah Carey Basically Sleeps All Day

Mariah Carey

Mariah Carey is known to sleep for fifteen hours at a time frequently. She also has to sleep surrounded by humidifiers. Sleeping with a humidifier is due to her wanting to sleep in the best possible location for her voice to truly shine during her performances. Humidifiers are known to relax the throat and keep it going from going dry.

Winston Churchill Routinely Took A Nap

Winston Churchill

The former prime minister of Britain and World War 2 legend routinely took a two-hour nap every day after drinking a weak whiskey and soda. Churchill was known for working deep into the night, so it makes sense that he would need the extra energy. Power naps are a great way to refresh yourself in the middle of the day before going back to work.

Leonardo da Vinci Took Many Naps a Day

Leonardo da Vinci

Famed genius from the Renaissance era, Leonardo da Vinci took as many as six naps a day. Instead of following a normal sleep schedule, he would instead follow the Ubermann Sleep Schedule, which required him to take a 20-minute nap every four hours. This would give him more time to be awake and complete projects, though it is not sure if it affected him negatively or not.

Donald Trump Only Sleeps Three to Four Hours a Night

Donald Trump

It turns out that President Donald Trump only sleeps for three to four hours a night, which would explain his 3 AM tweeting sprees. It is said that this sleeping schedule is enough to get him going through the day and still have enough time and energy to accomplish many things throughout the day.

Michael Phelps Sleeps in a Special Bed Before He Competes

Weird Sleeping Habits of Successful People

Instead of simply leaving it up to chance and solely relying on his grueling practice schedule to win competitions, Michael Phelps also sleeps in a bed engineered to give him an extra boost. His bedroom inside a bedroom is engineered to be comparable to being at a high elevation and can increase the amount of oxygen in his red blood cells. This technique can prepare him to compete to the best of his ability even at high elevations.

Ariana Huffington Has a Sleep Ritual

Ariana Huffington

Huffington Post co-founder Ariana Huffington has engaged in a pre-sleep ritual after collapsing due to exhaustion in 2007. In order for her to get the best rest possible, she completely blacks out her room and turns off her electronic devices. She also takes a warm bath filled with Epsom salt and lavender oil and reads a boring book before finally falling asleep.

Stephen King is Very Particular About His Pillows

Stephen King

Famed author and architect of nightmares Stephen King has a very particular way of setting his bedroom before going to sleep. Like (hopefully) everyone else, King brushes his teeth and washes his hands before going to sleep. What makes him different is that his pillows have to be set up in a specific way. The open side of the pillowcase has to be pointed towards the opposite side of the bed that he sleeps in according to a biography.

Martha Stewart Only Sleeps Four Hours a Night

Martha Stewart

Much like Donald Trump, Martha Stewart only sleeps four hours a night. She does this so she can watch all of her favorite late night tv shows and still wake up early enough to cook breakfast for her assortment of pets, including 200 chickens.

Marissa Mayer Takes a Week Off Every Four Months

Marissa Mayer

The CEO of Yahoo is a workaholic, often clocking in 130 hours a week at work. Obviously, this doesn’t leave much time for sleep and too much sleep deprivation can be disastrous. To combat this, Marissa Mayer tries to catch up on her sleep by taking a week-long break every four months.

Charles Dickens Slept Facing North

Charles Dickens

19th-century author Charles Dickens suffered from insomnia, and could only sleep with special preparation. In order for Charles Dickens to fall asleep, he would travel with a compass and make sure that he was facing north. He also thought that this practice would help him be more creative in his works.

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Lyndon B. Johnson Would Split His Day Into Two

Lyndon B. Johnson

Former U.S. President Lyndon B. Johnson would split his days in half in order to get more work done. Being president is a long and hard job after all. Shortly after waking up at 6:30 am, Johnson would work hard until 2 PM and take a 30-minute nap before continuing with his work.

Nikola Tesla Never Slept for More than Two Consecutive Hours

Nikola Tesla

Much like Leonardo da Vinci, famed inventor Nikola Tesla followed the Ubermann Sleep Schedule. Nikola claimed to never sleep for more than two hours a day and was once recorded as working in his lab for 84 hours straight. He was forced into this schedule because it was hard for him to go to sleep once he had started a project.

Eminem Travels With Tinfoil


To fight jet lag and overall difficulty of falling asleep in different time zones, Eminem covers his hotel windows with tinfoil. The rapper is also known for using white noise to fall asleep to aid in his efforts.

Napoleon Bonaparte Could Fall Asleep Anywhere

Napoleon Bonaparte

During wartime, Napoleon was required to run around from point to point to command and give orders effectively. Due to him always being on call and rarely sleeping, he would often have to find sleep wherever he could, usually falling asleep to the sound of gunfire and cannons. When the battles would finally end, he would sleep for eighteen hours to catch up on the sleep he lost.

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