You may not think of mosquitoes as particularly discerning creatures, but they seem to have likes and dislikes just like anybody else. You may know this if you frequently find yourself the victim of hungry mosquitoes as you sit around the campfire, while your companions escape relatively unscathed. It turns out mosquitoes are drawn to different types of people. Unfortunately, they don’t choose their victims based on character traits. Here are several reasons mosquitoes may find you particularly tasty, and how to keep them away.

11. Mosquitoes Are Attracted to Carbon Dioxide

Mosquitoes Are Attracted

According to Terminix, the female mosquito attacks humans to obtain the blood necessary to feed her eggs. The first thing that attracts the mosquito is the carbon dioxide given off in a human victim’s breath. For this reason, heavy mouth breathers may initially attract more mosquitoes than those who give off less noticeable gusts of carbon dioxide. Terminix states that a mosquito can detect strong concentrations of carbon dioxide from as far as 150 feet away.

10. Mosquitoes Like Sweat

Mosquito Sweat

Human sweat provides a cocktail of aromas that are attractive to mosquitoes. Sweating releases chemicals onto the skin and into the air, which are detected by mosquitoes and draw them in for a meal. Individuals who sweat profusely, or those who haven’t showered in a while, may find themselves more attractive to pesky mosquitoes. Additionally, people who are active or in constant motion may produce more of the CO2 and lactic acid found in sweat that attracts mosquitoes.


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