9. Mosquitoes Prefer Certain Types of Bacteria

Mosquitoes Bacteria

Sweat itself does not have an aroma. Bacteria that live on human skin react with sweat to form chemicals that give off a particular odor. Terminix asserts that the uric acid, lactic acid, and ammonia produced by bacteria give off particular smells that may attract mosquitoes differently. Each individual person has a different mix of bacterial flora inhabiting the skin. Therefore, mosquitoes may be attracted to one person over another, depending on the person’s particular skin flora.

8. Mosquitoes May Prefer Type O Blood

O Blood

A study in the Journal of Medical Entomology found that mosquitoes were more likely to feast on victims with blood type O than any other blood type. Additionally, subjects with type A blood were far less likely to suffer mosquito bites than those with O, B, or AB types. Since you can’t change your blood type, if you have type O blood you might want to stick close to a sweatier, mouth-breathing, type O buddy. Hopefully, he will attract the mosquitoes instead of you.

7. Mosquitoes Like Beer Drinkers

Beer Drinkers

If you notice more mosquitoes buzzing around after you’ve consumed a bottle of beer, that’s because the ethanol given off by your skin is also attractive to mosquitoes. Additionally, the consumption of alcohol raises your body temperature, which also causes you to sweat more. Insect Cop reports that mosquitoes carrying diseases such as malaria or dengue fever are particularly attracted to the smell given off by beer drinkers. If you are hiking in the tropics, you may want to stick to drinking water.

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