2. Which Brands Contain Real Ginger?

Canada Dry

The Canada Dry brand offers a variety of ginger ales that contain real ginger, but they don’t reveal how much. Reed’s brand of ginger ales also boasts of real ginger in their formulas. Zevia contains real ginger and uses stevia as the main sweetener. 

If you’re not sure if the airline ginger ale has real ginger, ask to read the label on the can before the drink is poured. If it doesn’t contain ginger, it might still be delicious but won’t have the same health benefits. 

1. How to Make Ginger Ale at Home


If you loved the airplane ginger ale, try making your own when you get home. It’s easy to make and could even be healthier than most commercial brands. Recipes are easy to find online and usually include water, chopped or grated ginger root, simple syrup (sugar water), and club soda. Add a lime wedge and/or lime juice for extra zest. 

You could also make ginger ale cocktails, like a highball with whiskey, ginger ale, and ice.


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