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The next time you’re ordering a beverage on an airplane, you might be better off getting a ginger ale than any other drink. Though pure water would probably be the healthiest option, ginger ale might help soothe travel anxiety and relax your muscles during flight. How so? Turns out ginger ale has some special nutrition behind it that other airline drinks don’t offer. 

If you’re not normally a fan of ginger ale’s taste, you may like it better while flying through the clouds. Read on to find out why. 

7. What Is Ginger Ale? 


The simplest way to define a basic ginger ale is sweetened ginger-flavored carbonated water. Many people argue that the best ginger ales are made with real ginger, and we wholeheartedly agree. It’s the real ginger in a ginger ale that gives it a unique almost-spicy taste, plus a few health benefits. 

But remember, commercially made ginger ale soda is still a soda. The benefits of ginger ale sometimes come with harmful effects from other ingredients, like high fructose corn syrup, so it’s best to enjoy this soft drink in moderation. 

6. Who Created Ginger Ale?


Before we get to the benefits of drinking ginger ale on a plane, here’s a bit of fun trivia about this fizzy beverage with a kick. According to Paste Magazine, the first ginger ales were developed in the 1840s in England and Ireland. Americans later popularized a carbonated version and used it to “mask homemade or bootlegged liquor” during Prohibition. 

Great ginger ale also originated in Toronto, Canada. Toronto-area chemist John J. McLaughlin perfected what is now the famous Pale Ginger Ale in the early 1900s for Canadian brand Canada Dry

5. Why Is Ginger Ale the Best Drink to Order on a Plane? 

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Ginger is anti-inflammatory and full of antioxidants. If the brand of ginger ale you’re sipping in-flight contains real ginger, you could enjoy some health benefits that make travel more comfortable.

Nourish by WebMD lists fighting off germs and viruses as a plus of ginger intake. We could all use extra immune system support when traveling around a lot of people. 

Other benefits that ginger ale may provide for airplane travelers are how ginger can tame a nervous stomach and indigestion, soothe muscle aches during long flights, and help ease arthritis pain. 

4. Why Does Ginger Ale Taste Different During a Flight?


The pressurized air of an airplane at certain altitudes can change the way we taste and smell familiar foods. Sweet and salty tastes tend to become toned down. Did you know that airline food is sometimes made with more salt to accommodate this change? It’s true! 

If you’re not usually a fan of the sweet taste of ginger ale, some of its sweetness could disappear during flight. 

Make ginger ale tastings a fun travel game with kids. Try it on your flight and then taste it again at your hotel. Do you notice a difference? 

3. Dos and Don’ts for Airplane Ginger Ale


Do ask for a lime wedge to have with your ginger ale during flight, if available. Lime is also full of antioxidants and vitamin C to boost your immune system during travel. The taste of fresh lime juice is refreshing in ginger ale and pairs well with the soft drink flavor. 

Don’t add ice to your in-flight ginger ale, if you can help it. Ice on an airplane is often handled in such a way that promotes the spread of germs. If you’re trying hard not to get sick on vacation, skip the ice just in case. 

2. Which Brands Contain Real Ginger?

Canada Dry

The Canada Dry brand offers a variety of ginger ales that contain real ginger, but they don’t reveal how much. Reed’s brand of ginger ales also boasts of real ginger in their formulas. Zevia contains real ginger and uses stevia as the main sweetener. 

If you’re not sure if the airline ginger ale has real ginger, ask to read the label on the can before the drink is poured. If it doesn’t contain ginger, it might still be delicious but won’t have the same health benefits. 

1. How to Make Ginger Ale at Home


If you loved the airplane ginger ale, try making your own when you get home. It’s easy to make and could even be healthier than most commercial brands. Recipes are easy to find online and usually include water, chopped or grated ginger root, simple syrup (sugar water), and club soda. Add a lime wedge and/or lime juice for extra zest. 

You could also make ginger ale cocktails, like a highball with whiskey, ginger ale, and ice.


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