Charcoal Grilling

Are you a grilling lover? We can’t blame you. Who doesn’t love the experience of an outside gathering where you get to taste all the finger-licking grilled food you want? Imagine putting aside forks and getting your hands messy with grilled ribs, chicken, or fantastic steaks. These and other numerous foods make backyard cooking one of the best experiences for many people worldwide.

Besides all the cooking and eating, using your grill isn’t always wonderful. Many people enjoy the food, but you know how messy and dirty grills get as the cook of the day. Sometimes we wish we didn’t have to go through all that. However, there’s always a reason to use the grill, and it better be clean next time.

Charcoal plus the burnt food will make your grill dirty instantly, and you’ll need to scrub it for a long time if you want it clean again. Some go for the more straightforward cleaning methods and use exotic cleaners that, in the end, bring negative results and can even be unhealthy. The good news is, there is a better, safer, and cheaper way to keep your metal bars in good condition. One word: Onions.

Yes, the same common onions you know about. This is one of the best (if not the best) ways to scrub off all the particles on your grill. No need to go shopping for some expensive and toxic cleaners. Just get some unused onions in the kitchen and experience the magic.

Why go for the onions? It is worrying knowing that the chemical cleaners will turn their back on you and prove unhealthy. However, our beloved onions are true friends and very harsh on bacterial growth on the grills. Plus, can you think of a cheaper way?

How Do You Clean with Onions?

Eat Onions

Unlike all the other spray cleaners, this method requires you to have the grill fork and (preferably) fresh white onions. Cut the onions into halves and place them on the hot grill. Why hot? The heat makes the onion more active in cleaning and removing all the stuck char and food chunks. Plus, the hot metal bars will burn off some of the stuck food, making the cleaning process more manageable. Remember to stay safe as you clean and use a long fork on the onion to avoid any accidents. 

Never go for water whatsoever. This might look like a more accessible way, but it reduces the lifespan of the grill because of rusting. If you ever feel like you need some other supplements, lemon juice is the best alternative to go for. It’s acidic, and that helps to make the cleaning process better. 

Onions contain antibacterial properties that make them preferred for the disinfection process. And now that you know this, nothing is stopping you from keeping your BBQ parties going strong. Just remember to be safe and take any necessary precautions before starting.

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