Our diet is extremely important to our bodies, as it can influence and control our physical and mental wellbeing and can also affect how we look and feel, or how if we have acne or bloating. It can even control our emotional state.

Foods like spinach, blueberries, and avocados are especially good for us and also give us a renewed awareness and an energized feeling. Skipping meals or snacking on junk food due to stress or a hectic schedule is a surefire way to send your insulin levels out of control,  can put unnecessary pressure on your liver, and ultimately change your mood. Enter the “hangry” feeling.

Feeling those “hangry” symptoms all too often? Here are a few tips to get your blood sugar mismanagement back on track:

  1. Eat three proper nutrient and veggie-packed meals a day
  2. Manage your stress levels
  3. Enjoy a blood sugar balancing snack in between meals.

The following are 10 blood sugar balancing snacks that will help you control and prevent “hangry” symptoms.

10. Coconut Yogurt with Fresh Fruit


Coconut has great healthy fats and proteins without the inflammatory side effects of dairy. Try mixing in a handful of nuts or sliced strawberries for a fresh touch.

9. Bowl of Goji Berries and Almonds

Goji Berries

Looking to eat superfoods on the go? Create your own trail mix by combining almonds and goji berries. Toss in pumpkin seeds to get a nice dose of protein.


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