8. Popcorn


What makes popcorn great for bowel movements is its balanced nature as a snack food. Believe it or not, popcorn is a healthy snack food; it’s the addition of too much butter, salt, sugar, or cheese that makes it unhealthy. For the person who loves plain, or even alternatively seasoned popcorn, it’s a healthy, low-calorie snack that packs on the fiber. 100 grams is enough to get half your RDA of fiber, along with significant levels of Vitamin B-6, magnesium and even a fair bit of protein as well, with basically no fat or sugar thrown in the mix.

7. Rice

brown rice

Rice, like a number of grains, possesses a very strong fiber content. In fact, there are studies that have shown people who eat significant levels of rice generally appear to be less prone to constipation. When it comes to avoiding constipation, however, not all rice is created equal. Your best bet is going to be brown rice because it has approximately 4g of fiber; this is a significantly higher yield than the 1g that can be found in white rice. Brown rice will also net you more nutrients overall than its white counterpart, even if the white rice is enriched.

6. Edamame

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Is it a coincidence that edamame is on this list with rice? Possibly. These crispy green beans yield significant nutritional goodness even apart from their fiber and their flavor. Specifically, the protein content of edamame makes them a great source for those who adhere to vegan and vegetarian diets. Weighing in between 5-8 grams of fiber (per 100 grams), edamame also possesses significant potassium, and basically no salt or fat at all, serving to further emphasize its role as a meat alternative, given that most red meats are full of salt and fat, which can cause problems for heart health.



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