Foods To Cancer

You already know that certain foods are bad for your health and waistline. We’ve heard it everywhere, from our doctors to the latest food trends. Junk food is terrible, in every sense of the word. While junk food may evoke memories of scenes from the film Super Size Me or your mother telling you to lay off the chips and soda, the truth is that it goes far beyond just expanding your waistline and damaging your heart; it can also put you at risk of cancer, according to research. So next time you’re thinking of improving the quality of your diet, you might want to add the risk of cancer to the long list of consequences of eating junk food.

The research for these claims relied on a U.K. nutritional labeling system known as the Nutri-Score logo (which has been in use since 2007) to evaluate the diets of more than 470,000 adults. The study found that even though other factors were accounted for such as exercise and smoking habits, adults whose diets contained foods with the poorest scores had the highest risk of stomach, colorectal, respiratory tract, lung and liver cancers, along with postmenopausal breast cancer in women. Experts mention that the problem lies in a consistently poor diet. Here are ten foods you should consider avoiding in your diet to lower your risk of cancer.

10. Barbecue


For those of you who are big fans of firing up the grill, beware. “High intake of meat, particularly well-cooked meat, has been associated with increased risk of cancers,” says Mia Gaudet, Ph.D., scientific director of epidemiology research for the American Cancer Society (ACS). The problem occurs when the meat is cooking on the grill, which leads to the production of carcinogenic compounds known as PAHs.

9. Pickles


“Studies have found higher rates of cancer among Asian populations that consume a lot of fermented kimchi and smoked fish,” says Robert Segal, MD, founder of Medical Offices of Manhattan. Preliminary research suggests that high salt content might be linked to stomach cancer.

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