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Your morning routine can set the stage for the rest of the day. Some people find that tumbling out of bed at the last minute and racing out the door is a perfectly acceptable way to start the day. However, others find that the best way to ensure they approach the day with energy and vigor is to nourish their bodies with a healthy breakfast. If you find the best way to energize yourself for the day ahead is to enjoy breakfast, make sure to consume a healthy one. To ensure your morning meal carries you through the day, avoid these foods and swap them out for healthier choices.

11. Bagels Made from White Flour


A hot bagel slathered with cream cheese may be one of the ultimate breakfast comfort foods. However, bagels are often made with refined white flour and can cause you to pack on extra calories without a lot of nutrients. In fact, one bagel can be the caloric equivalent of three slices of bread. If you can’t do without your morning bagel fix, search out bagels made from whole grains. Even then, you may want to stick to just half a bagel or purchase bagel thins or mini bagels, which contain all of the chewy bagel goodness in smaller portions.

10. Orange, Apple, or Grapefruit Juices

Fruit Juice

There’s something refreshing about a bright glass of liquid sunshine in the morning in the form of orange juice. While fruit juices disguise themselves as something healthy—after all, they contain the word “fruit”—they contain all the sugar of fruit without the benefits of fiber. Skip the fruit juices and start your day with a piece of whole fresh fruit instead. This gives you the same great flavor, antioxidants, and nutrients as juice. Additionally, whole fruit provides your body with the fiber it needs to aid your digestive system and keep you feeling full longer.


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