If your goal is to blast away fat, avoid so-called “diet food” that replaces fat and sugar with chemical additives. Instead, nourish your body and melt away fat by indulging in whole foods found in nature. While fruits contain sugar, this sugar is present as fructose. Additionally, the fiber found in whole fruits means they have a low glycemic index. Foods with a lower glycemic index are metabolized more slowly by the body; therefore they result in a lower and slower rise in blood sugar levels. Furthermore, the FDA recommends eating two cups of fruit each day as part of a healthy diet. Indulge in these 10 fruits in your quest to fight the battle of the bulge.

10. Berries


The vibrant colors of blueberries, raspberries, and strawberries signal that they are high in antioxidants. These antioxidants not only ward off heart disease, but they aid in reducing belly fat. Add the high water and fiber content of berries, and you have a powerful little weapon to use in the war on fat. Eat berries by the handful or blend them into smoothies for a refreshing snack. Top your morning oatmeal with berries for a bright start to the day. Sprinkle berries on your afternoon salad for a sweet boost of flavor.

9. Grapefruit


Add half a grapefruit to your breakfast routine, and you may see the pounds melt away. Researchers performed a study with 91 obese patients. Patients who ate fresh grapefruit three times each day for 12 weeks lost more weight than those given a placebo, grapefruit juice, or grapefruit supplements. Adding grapefruit to a balanced diet of lean proteins, fresh vegetables, and whole grains can help you lose those extra pounds. Enjoy grapefruit in your smoothies, use it to top yogurt, or slice some segments into your salad.


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