8. A Quarter Cup of Nuts


Nuts are rich in healthy fats, and consuming 10 to 12 almonds or walnuts can stave off late-night hunger. Whether it’s peanuts, almonds, or cashews, nuts can keep you satisfied until breakfast. Nuts contain protein and fiber, which can stabilize your blood sugar through the night. 

7. Three Cups of Popcorn

microwave popcorn

A few cups of air-popped popcorn — sans butter or any oil — makes a healthy midnight snack. Popcorn contains only a few calories but packs a lot of fiber. Just make sure to stay away from artery-clogging butter, high-calorie toppings, or salt. 

6. Turkey Roll-Ups

Turkey Roll Up

Roll some sliced turkey around a celery stick or carrot stick, dip it in a light dressing, and you have a savory midnight snack. Turkey contains tryptophan, which encourages the body to have a rest and sleep. It’s also high in protein and will satisfy the desire for something salty or savory. You’ll find that turkey roll-ups are surprisingly filling and delicious. 


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