Expiration Dates

Have you gone through your pantry lately? You know how sometimes food containers get pushed back so far to the back, you forget what you have? When you find them, you have no idea if it’s still good or if you need to toss it. This list will help make your decision a whole lot easier.

Before you start throwing anything away, keep in mind that expiration dates are different from best by, sell by, and use by dates. All these dates refer to the quality and flavor of food rather than the safety or expiration of food.

10. Dried Legumes


These beans are the kind in bags, not in cans. Store them in bottles or sealed bags, and they can last many years. The quality of the beans may decrease some, but they are still very edible.

9.  Bouillon Cubes


Bouillon cubes help make soups and stew tasty and will keep indefinitely due to their high salt content. It’s best to store them in sealed bags.



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