Dairy Heavy Diet

You may have heard friends, relatives, and even celebrities claim that giving up dairy provided them with many health benefits. Some credit giving up dairy with helping them lose weight, clear up their skin, and improve their energy levels. However, before eliminating an entire food category from your diet, it is helpful to be aware of both the positive and negative effects of such an act. Furthermore, you may be surprised to learn that some of the possible health benefits associated with ditching dairy may actually come from the ditching the foods you consume along with dairy.

10. Positive: Weight Loss

Weight Loss

Some individuals find that giving up dairy products helps them lose excess pounds. Cutting out dairy means giving up fudgy bowls of ice cream, fat-saturated pats of butter, and heavy cream. Cutting out the extra calories associated with overindulging in high-fat dairy products will lead to weight loss. However, this weight loss may come from consuming fewer calories each day, rather than from eliminating dairy in particular. Furthermore, ditching cheese may mean passing on items such as calorie-laden pizza slices. In this case, giving up dairy also means forsaking processed meats, white flour, and sodium-laden tomato sauces.

9. Negative: Weight Loss May Not Be Permanent

Gaining Weight

Cutting a major calorie source out of your diet and refraining from replacing those calories with other foods can lead to weight loss. However, you may find this weight loss is not permanent, especially if you let other calorie-laden foods creep into your diet. Furthermore, studies suggest that consuming full-fat dairy products as part of a wholesome, nutritious diet can actually contribute to weight loss. Perhaps cutting out an entire food group isn’t as healthful as consuming appropriate amounts of a wide variety of healthy foods.



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