There Is a Shortage



It might sound like a sick nightmare, but it’s true. As of 2016, there has been a shortage of avocados, leading to heightened prices. This problem has two main causes–Mexican growers striking because of low payment and California’s drought. Thanks to recent rain in California, the shortage has been helped a little, but it hasn’t completely rebounded. Prices are still high and we’re unlikely to see a quick turnaround. Cherish every last bite of your avocado.

Never Eat the Seed 

avocado pit

Okay, this might be obvious for some readers, but the internet is full of crazy suggestions and it’s necessary to put the myth to rest. A rumor has been floating around for a few years that you shouldn’t throw away the seed because it’s full of important nutrients. The suggestion was to cut it up and grind it up in a blender. The truth is, there’s no nutritional benefit to this. Don’t put yourself through the torture. Keep throwing your seeds away and enjoying the good part.

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Eating Them May Lower Cholesterol

LDL (Bad) Cholesterol

We just can’t get enough of the health benefits. The Journal of the American Hearst Association studied avocados and found that people who ate them daily had lower levels of bad cholesterol. Now you don’t have to feel bad about the price tag at all. Keep being an avid avocado consumer–it’s good for your health!

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