Diet Soda Habit

You probably realize that the high quantities of sugar and empty calories contained in regular sodas have adverse effects on your health. However, switching to diet sodas has issues as well. You may have given up regular sodas only to find yourself hooked on their diet counterparts. If you have developed a diet soda habit, you may be interested in these 11 health benefits of giving up diet beverages as well.

11. Fewer Cavities

Fewer Cavities

While diet sodas may not contain the sugars that encourage the growth of bacteria, they do contain other substances that can erode your teeth. Diet sodas contain acids such as phosphoric acid, citric acid, and tartaric acid. These acids can wear away at tooth enamel, leaving your teeth susceptible to cavities. The American Dental Association lists four reasons why water is the ideal beverage for tooth health. First, drinking fluoridated water prevents tooth decay. Second, drinking water cleanses bacteria and debris from your teeth. Third, water encourages the production of saliva. Lastly, drinking water prevents both cavities and excess weight gain.

10. Increased Bone Density

Bone Density

Give up diet sodas as well as regular sodas, and your bones may benefit. The Cleveland Clinic notes that women are especially susceptible to bone loss when drinking sodas. The effects on bone density may be due to the phosphoric acid in colas leaching calcium from bones. Additionally, regularly quenching your thirst with diet sodas may mean you deprive your body of calcium-rich beverages like milk. Furthermore, studies suggest that the caffeine in diet sodas may play a role in decreased bone density.


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