Are you a bacon fan? Sadly, bacon isn’t always the healthiest choice if you are watching your cholesterol levels, but there are tasty substitutes.

Americans have a love affair with the salty, fat-laden meat, but many physicians are telling their patients to focus on weight loss, heart-healthy diets, and diabetes control. To stay healthy, many people must give up their bacon strips. In this article, we will explore bacon substitutes.

Don’t turn your nose up at the sound of a bacon substitute. Nowadays, they can replicate the texture, taste, and salty goodness of bacon without all the drawbacks. These choices are ideal for a breakfast or dinner of BLTs. You can also use them in recipes that call for the pork meat.

11. Prosciutto


Prosciutto has sprung to fame with the famous dish of prosciutto-wrapped asparagus. The asparagus stays nice and crisp with the bacon flavor seeping in to co-mingle with the robust taste of the plant. However, you can get rid of the asparagus and just enjoy the prosciutto.

An Italian cured ham, prosciutto is much lower in fat than bacon and does not have as much cholesterol. Sadly, the sodium is about the same though. You can crisp the strips in a pan, just like you do bacon. Also, some people prefer to warm the prosciutto in the oven, but it lacks crispiness when baked.

The prosciutto is a bit chewier than bacon, but the taste is similar. It is an ideal bacon substitute on a BLT because of the satisfying crunch. If you want to change things up a bit, substitute the lettuce for basil leaves and use mashed avocado in place of tomatoes.

10. Beef Bacon

Beef Bacon

Many people in the world will not eat bacon because it comes from pigs. Certain religions abstain from the consumption of any pork products. However, you can enjoy beef bacon.

Historically, beef bacon was made from the stomach of the cow. However, in recent years it is now obtained from other areas, but it still has fat running through each ribbon which makes it look remarkably like bacon.

Pork fat has far more fat and protein than beef bacon. Choose uncured beef bacon to reduce the sodium content and enjoy a healthier food choice. You’ll find many brands of beef bacon. Overall, it tastes terribly like pork bacon.


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