9. Turkey or Duck Bacon

Turkey Bacon

Turkey or duck bacon has taken the meat market by storm. Nowadays, you’ll find a wide assortment of turkey products in your meat department. In fact, turkey bacon is one of the most popular options for people looking to cut pork bacon out of their diet.

Duck bacon tastes slightly different than turkey bacon. Many people think it is more like pork bacon in flavor and texture. Both turkey and duck bacon have far less fat than pork bacon, and it crisps nicely, giving the crunch that most people appreciate.

8. Capicola


Capicola is often called gabagool or Coppa. The cured meat is a little like prosciutto but has a greater bacon flavor. It has far less fat (about a quarter less than pork) and an impressive level of protein. However, it does have a little more salt, so this should always be factored in when making your diet modification.

You can prepare capicola in the same way as bacon and enjoy it with all your favorite recipes. Add it to anything that asks for bacon. Just be sure to remember that it will add a dash more salt, so be sure to modify your spices as needed so you don’t lose the flavor you seek.

7. Salmon Bacon

Salmon Bacon Sandwich

Honestly, salmon bacon does not taste like pork bacon. It tastes like a salty fish with an undertone of smoke. However, bacon eaters do enjoy it as a substitute. Depending on the recipe, it works great in a frittata or an omelet. You can even add it to a quiche. Salmon bacon is great in a souffle with cheese.

The only drawback of salmon bacon is that you might have a hard time finding it. The fishy bacon appears to be a specialty item, but there are a variety of naturopathic food stores that do sell it. There are several brands available and each one is very distinct.



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